Privacy Policy


Okehampton Simmons Bowling Club (OSBC) is an applicable organisation under the Data Protection Act (1998) and the General Data Protection Regulations (2018). This Policy applies to Personal Information collected by OSBC, and sets out the principles governing our processing of that information, and the way we use, keep secure and disclose it.

By providing Personal Information about yourself to OSBC, you agree to our processing, storing in paper-based form, and in certain circumstances mentioned below on our website, and using that information in accordance with the principles set out in this Privacy Policy. We will always deal with your personal information fairly and in accordance with your instructions.

Your Personal information that is necessary for us to operate our membership, includes full name and title, your date of birth, postal address, telephone and/or mobile numbers and (at your optional discretion) an email address. We will process your personal information using your consent as the lawful basis for controlling and processing the information. We will request your authorisation for processing your personal information, as described below, at the time of application or, (in the case of existing members) at renewal of membership.

You can refuse to give consent to any of the individual requests without detriment to your membership of OSBC.

Use of Personal Information

We collect your personal information in order to:-

 1      Maintain our club membership list and facilitate the administration and management of the club

2      Contacting you with information relating to your membership, or application for membership and details of                               events, which we think will be of interest to you.

3      Communicating membership information to Bowls Devon and Bowls England.

4      Contacting you with information regarding your selection for matches etc.

We will not reveal any of your information to any third party unless we have previously informed you and have obtained your authority to do so.


We will store your personal information in paper-based form from the point of collection for as long as you are a member of the Club. After you cease to be a member, your personal information will be destroyed, unless you consent to its retention for the purposes of ‘Social Membership’ only.

Opt-out choice

You have the right to withdraw your agreement to any of the individual consent options at any time, by writing to The Hon Secretary.

OSBC Website

The Okehampton Simmons Bowls Club website does not capture or store personal information. Any information received by the club is for use solely to communicate with, or for the benefit of, members only. We may take photographs of you attending matches or other events which we may wish to publish on our website. The Club also publishes photographs of domestic competition winners on our website, and, unless you advise us otherwise, you expressly agree and consent to the use of any photographs, which may include you. Member’s names and telephone numbers may, with the member’s permission, be displayed on the website (e.g. should a member become an elected officer of the club).

Membership Security

The Cub promises to take stringent precautions to secure your personal details.

Privacy Policy Changes

Although most changes are likely to be minor, Okehampton Simmons Bowling Club may change its Privacy Policy from time to time, and at our sole discretion. We encourage members to inform the Honorary Secretary should there be any changes to their personal details.