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Indoor Bowling at the Manor

The club has been advised that due to the current situation regarding Covid-19 bowling at the Manor is suspended until after Christmas.    The Manor are to review the position in the New Year.  Members will be advised as soon as we have further information.


Competition Result

The result of the Fun Competition is as follows:-

1st Place      –   Kath Mansell   –   Ends for 63    –   Ends Against 37       –   Difference  +26

2nd Place   –   Sue Hearne      –   Ends for 58    –   Ends Against 42      –   Difference  +16

3rd Place     –   Sue Hunt          –   Ends for 57    –   Ends Against 43      –   Difference  +14

Congratulations to our winners and well done to all those who took part.




Let’s make our bowling more interesting during Covid 19.

Competition to start when restrictions are lifted on Saturday 4th July and be completed by Sunday 6th September.

FORM to be kept by each player and WHEN COMPLETED handed to Viv K or placed in the sleeve on the emergency exit door at the club
1. Games will be triples, pairs or singles, with whom ever you choose. Two jacks to be used and placed in singles game.

2. There will be 10 games each game will consist of 10 ends

3. Only ends will count

4. Each person will keep their own score e.g. final score 6 – 4 if triples are being played then 3 people will receive 6 and 3 will        receive 4

5. Teams and scores to be written on ones own sheet and kept by each player

6. Entry fee £1 to be paid when games have been completed and sheet handed in. The winner and runner up to share the              prize money


Any queries please contact Viv K on 55842

Come on folk, let’s have some fun