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Ladies Day

Ladies Day 2019

Ladies Day this year will be held on 20th July at 2.00pm.  Details to follow

Ladies Day 2018

Ladies’ Day was a fun day. The ladies did themselves proud not only creating some fantastic hats depicting a song title but also providing a scrumptious buffet. The four games of bowls were interspersed with some welcome refreshment of sparkling perry disguised as Pimms. Sue Hunt and Tony Hellyer won the bowls each scoring eight points  with a 21 shot difference. Don Gadd won the booby prize. Peter Davies won the prize for guessing the most song titles. Pat Goodchild received the most votes for her decorated hat, ‘Deck of Cards’.

The men also joined in the fun by wearing a wide variety of ties. Bob Newton’s huge silk tie won the prize for the being the most gaudy.  Sue Hearne rounded off a lovely day with two very funny poems. The team spirit was overwhelming, everyone helping from start to finish.  The ladies in the kitchen and Sue Hearne in the bar worked tirelessly to keep us all hydrated. 

Viv would like to express her deep thanks to everyone who helped to ensure that a good time was had by all at this years Ladies’ Day.